I have found one thing which disrupts progress more then anything is ego. My own experience of the ego is that it wants the good life. The ego doesn’t like the pain but demands instant gratification. There are three things that differentiate living from the soul versus living from the ego. The ability to sense and learn new ways the tenancy to ride a rough road and the patience to learn deep love over time.

Don’t ask that of me that you are unwilling to do yourself. If you are a pot, don’t call the kettle black. Show me how to grow through your own growth. Guide me through the maze, but don’t try to change me. Because every time we try to control an another find ourselves dealing with rebellion.

Hold a mirror Up to yourself every day and say,”what do I need?,” Am I doing the things that I’ve committed myself to do?” And if not why not?” What is blocking me? Is it some sort of obstacle?. Is it another person? Is it my own fear? This is the process that people’s real growth and transformation.

However this is the process that the ego hates the most because the ego wants to stay safe and comfortable”let’s focus on someone else today,” says the ego,” so that my cozy little world can remain instant.

We need the ability to keep things shorts, sweet and smile, to allow ourselves to be clear and concise. When we find that we need to explain something in many different ways, it may be an indication that something remains unresolved within us. However, if we listen to the ego, the ego is already focussed on what and solution but remember.

“When white light passes through a prism, there is more than first white light. There is an entire rainbow of colors, first waiting to be noticed.


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