I hope, Our meeting will certainly. And my hope comes true when I found her. You know I found some happiness on her arrival, His departure was not much pain.

Hope sustain life. So we should never lose the hope. We should never say that our effort will bear on fruit. Our labor and struggle can’t go empty. We shouldn’t take a dark or hopeless view of life. We should not lose heart too soon. We can always defeat our empty if we’ve courage and determination. We should thud always have a hopeful view of life. Life is full of struggle and hope. We should go on fighting and be doing our efforts. Sometimes our efforts don’t succeed. It’s caused that our efforts aren’t properly motivated.

Never mind, our efforts do bring result are always fruitful.

The hope will teach to survive us. Whenever hope is not entirely so, see the birds flying in the sky. In whose eyes have a thousand of dreams to take flight. And come home with empty-handed, They have nothing to eat, they’ve just one hope to take fly

If hope doesn’t complete then we feel some hurt but a love will not hurt us.
When love not completed then we hurt ’cause we built a million of dreams.

If finished the hope, finished all dreams and without dreams our life is meaningless.



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