One thing; one love or we can say a hope!! Which has been left a few seconds before, what did you done? What has been not done ? It's end when relationship end. One hope taught to make me Dua ! that Dua I called a love;  -Cad 


SUCCESS is just a word to find anything you'll get; but the failure give us the right way. His teach us on our mistakes.You can achieve anything but success is achieve you. That's means if you achieve success you can find yourself.  Success:everyone's knows Everyone wants to achieve. But the point's how can I achieve the lasting success?... Continue Reading →


Mint sauce is eaten in much of North India. Samosas, pies, fritters along with the meal you can eat.You Can Make in Minutes with yogurt sauce and the sour Raw Mango.Mint sauce is very tasty to eat please try.   Ingredients Green mint leaves     1 cup Pomegranate seeds  1-1½ tbsp Yogurt/curd    ... Continue Reading →


Ingredients Tomato chopped       2 cups Ginger paste               2 tsp Garlic paste                 1 tsp Green coriander        2 tbsp Red chili powder       2 tbsp Sugar                ... Continue Reading →


  Ingredients Coconut grated : 200 gms Ginger                  : 1/2 tsp Green chillies    : 3 Chana dal fried : 2 tbsp Salt                       : to taste Coconut water   : 2 tbsp The tempering : Oil... Continue Reading →


We are just a little bugs.. People think we are whole universe Love is beginning in four days Here all're true lovers Love with good faces &tight body Ugly shape or face is like soul is ESCAPE But, My beard is proof that, "I didn't care how was I looking? good or bad My love is not so... Continue Reading →

10kb massage

I sit back & review all my previous life'n I realized that,"I am just wastin' my time. #changeyourselfin2017 🕦🕐🕜 I'm waiting for the new year... 2016 was not really good and was not too bad to the honest.I didn't realize how? It all passed. College admission Met with some nice buddy There is now an... Continue Reading →

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