beauty is something that hunts!

The world is ending tomorrow, but at least I met you when things were still soft. Before the sky fell into the ocean, and back when my dad would only joke about the world ending, and we would laugh because it never seemed like a possibility. At least I met you in another life. Teach... Continue Reading →


a reminder for myself: there are no rules, no timelines to follow; just a life to live, and learn, and love, fully.


I really need to start focusing on my future but that’s no fun. what I REALLY want to do is run away from every negative people around me and spend a whole day with my friend without any restrictions, without being judged by them and the fun memories that I want to talk to and... Continue Reading →

I don’t believe in future

It's like a dream that you have seen so many time but it's all untold, without telling anyone; an unsolved mystery; It's like if someone has descended from the sky, only for you, and after some time he told you that we are no longer one. So what will you do; I am fighting myself... Continue Reading →


I have found one thing which disrupts progress more then anything is ego. My own experience of the ego is that it wants the good life. The ego doesn't like the pain but demands instant gratification. There are three things that differentiate living from the soul versus living from the ego. The ability to sense... Continue Reading →


I hope, Our meeting will certainly. And my hope comes true when I found her. You know I found some happiness on her arrival, His departure was not much pain. -khatri Hope sustain life. So we should never lose the hope. We should never say that our effort will bear on fruit. Our labor and struggle can't... Continue Reading →


Khula aasmaan chaar chufera Zindagi de nawe asool Na khawaba da dera Na koi apna ethe-na begana Me vech aaya zindagi-sokhe daam Jithe mahobaat na shadi Na koi rasam riwaz...  


Punjabi font : Kalyugi pyaar, Mazhaab puche?? Lok zaat pehchan'n mere jazbaat nahi.. English translation : Today's love; askin' religion People are known my cast; But not my feelings

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